Protect Your Vision

Get a comprehensive eye exam in Rochester, MN

Your vision can change over time, but proper eye care can preserve your vision for years to come. Make sure that your eyes are healthy with a detailed eye exam at Huber Eyecare in Rochester, Minnesota. Animated computer software, along with other state-of-the-art technology, will allow your optometrist to examine your eyes and diagnose any problems.

Make sure that your eyes are getting the care they need by calling:

  • 507-206-4567 for the Commerce Drive office.

Find specialized attention for your eyes

An eye exam will let your doctor know if you have an eye condition like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or conjunctivitis. Huber Eyecare offers diagnosis and treatment of a variety of eye conditions. If you have an astigmatism or any other type of vision problem, we can help you see clearly again by prescribing glasses or contacts.

At Huber Eyecare in Rochester, Minnesota, comprehensive eye care means that your doctor will:

  • Explain your options for glasses or contacts
  • Consult with you before your LASIK treatment
  • Provide infant eye examinations

Get eye care from a board-certified optometrist at Huber Eyecare in Rochester, Minnesota.